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GMC Playbook: Combine the Patriots and Broncos Roster

If you could combine the Patriots and Broncos roster, which players would you take from each team?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

On the eve of the New England Patriots' much anticipated showdown against the Denver Broncos, Marshall Faulk has presented us with quite the interesting question for debate:

A Broncos-Patriots combo team, on paper, would probably be the greatest team to ever take the field, so this should be a fun one. Who would you want to keep from the Patriots? What players would you take from the Broncos?

The discussion could begin with the coach. Bill Belichick would be the obvious choice over John Fox. However, for the case of being impartial, let's just throw the coach out of the discussion and go from a talent. Some choices would be rather obvious such as Darrelle Revis as the top cornerback or Demaryius Thomas at wide receiver. There are a few tough decisions, including the difficult quarterback decision:

Quarterback: Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

Wide Receiver (slot): Julian Edelman vs. Wes Welker

Tight End: Rob Gronkowski vs. Julius Thomas

DE / LB: Von Miller vs. Chandler Jones vs. Demarcus Ware vs. Rob Ninkovich

Cornerback (after Revis): Brandon Browner vs. Chris Harris Jr. vs. Aqib Talib vs. Logan Ryan

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