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Steelers Release LeGarrette Blount; Are Patriots Interested?

The Steelers have released the former Patriots running back. Will the Patriots reach out?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced the release of running back LeGarrette Blount, midway through his first year under contract. The former Patriots running back was under greater scrutiny for multiple issues with his new team.

Prior to the season, Blount was charged with marijuana possession, alongside the Steelers current running back Le'Veon Bell. While that didn't cause many waves, it was a sign of trouble.

This past game against the Titans, Bell rushed for over 200 yards as the Steelers were victorious. Blount apparently left the field before the end of the game and went to the team bus on his own, unhappy with his usage.

With the Patriots missing Stevan Ridley, who is undergoing surgery for his torn ACL today, it begs the question: would the Patriots be interested in bringing back Blount?

Jonas Gray broke out this past week and it looks like he'll be the primary running back moving forward. Shane Vereen is the clear receiving back and is second in line. Blount would likely be joining the Patriots in a similarly limited role to his time with the Steelers- so it's unlikely he'd be much happier.

Still, Bill Belichick understands the shelf life of a running back and signing Blount to give Gray a break from his 38 carries would be extremely helpful. Blount understands the system and he enjoyed his time in New England. Belichick even tried to bring back Blount before the Steelers pushed him out of their price range.

An unlikely location? The Broncos. Cornerback Aqib Talib vouched for Blount when the Patriots acquired the running back and Denver is in serious need of some help in the back field.

Don't expect the Patriots to sign Blount, even though he'd probably be worked into the game plan.