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Rooting for a Tie: Are you Rooting for the Dolphins or Broncos?

The Patriots have a vested interest in the Sunday afternoon game. Who are you picking?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 features a great match up of a team with tremendous offensive prowess hosting one with a fantastically staunch defense. This is not just the Patriots hosting the Lions.

The Broncos are hosting the Dolphins.

Typically it's much easier to pick a team to root for. Oh they're in the AFC East? Root for them to lose. They're in competition for a first round bye? Well, they deserve to lose!

This is a different situation.

It's difficult to root for the Dolphins. First off, they own the current tiebreaker against the Patriots and are close behind in the AFC East division race. They have one of the best defenses in the league and they have an offense that seems fairly close to figuring it out (apart from a blip against the Bills on a short week). Normally it'd be easy to root against the Dolphins for the sake of securing the division.

But they're traveling to Denver to face the Broncos. This should be easy. Root for the Dolphins to take down Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense and give the Patriots some breathing room for a first round bye.

The catch? The Broncos are currently tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for first place in the AFC West. If the Broncos lose, then the Chiefs are in control of their destiny- and they own the tiebreaker with the Patriots. It's one thing to travel to Mile High for a playoff game; it's another thing entirely to go to Arrowhead.

So who are you rooting for this week? For the Broncos to hurt a divisional rival? Or for the Dolphins to take down a conference foe?