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Week 11 Patriots vs Colts: GIF of the Week

The Patriots enforced their will upon the Colts and left many pancaked in Jonas Gray's wake. With so many great plays, what was your favorite?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

You know what I always like? When people appreciate what we do. So a big thank you to feanor82 for asking about this post; the fact that you're waiting for this to be posted is reason enough to be a writer. Truly appreciate it.

You know what else can be appreciated? Anthony Castonzo's touchdown celebration. Yes, it's not as fun as if it was done by a Patriots player, but c'mon: game respect game. Patriots fans can recognize a big man touchdown and a ridiculous celebration.

It should also be noted that whoever created this GIF titled it "fatsg.gif", so...well done "fats."

A third thing to appreciate (and it isn't even Thanksgiving!)? The fact that we already know who won this week. It's Gronk and his ridiculous touchdown. I didn't gif his sideline celebration because it was too long, but I've posted the vine and that's absolutely up for recognition.

So good luck choosing. Is it Rob Gronkowski's play on the field? Or his sideline playfulness?

Jonas Gray is a Machine

Gray Power Run

What more can be said about Gray? He ran 37 carries for 201 yards and 4 touchdowns. He gained a first down or a touchdown on 40% of his carries. He converted his three third down carries (and a fourth resulted in a facemasking penalty that picked up another first down. That's where the adjustment in his stats comes from).

Gray had 15 carries where the Patriots needed six or fewer yards for a first down or a touchdown- ex. 2nd and 6. He converted 13 of those attempts. One of his non-conversions was a 4 yard gain on 2nd and 5 from the Colts 8 yard line.

Gray couldn't be stopped. This run on 3rd and 1 is the perfect example of his play on the day. James Develin springs a lane for Gray to just run. With an expected points added of 1.96 on this play, it was his most valuable run on the day.

His stomp at the end is just the icing on the cake. That's possibly the best post-run celebration the Patriots have ever seen.

Dominique Easley Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Easley TFL

How pertinent/am I forcing this? I wrote about Dominique Easley and how it's difficult the evaluate his value for the team. As a first rounder, you would hope for a visible impact and tangible statistics. Easley can't really do that at this point as he's provided a jackknife ability on the defensive line.

So here's Easley, a 4-3 3-tech defensive tackle standing up as a 2-point, 7-tech defensive end on the outside of the inline tight end. He doesn't care. He blows up Coby Fleener and bulls his way into the backfield. The center is trying to pull block, but Easley has already demolished the rushing lane.

This is the disruption the Patriots wanted out of Easley. I think he's about to turn a major corner.

Revis and McCourty: Tip Drill

Revis to DMC

Cornerback Darrelle Revis and safety Devin McCourty combine to form two points of the Boston D Party. Or one side of the Bermuda Triangle. Or whatever you kids are calling it these days.

This is what the Patriots signed Revis to do and this is why McCourty will be receiving a big paycheck in the mail. Revis was a blanket in coverage and is playing like a top five cornerback in the league. Reggie Wayne had a big first couple of drives before the Patriots shifted and sat Revis in coverage- and Wayne disappeared.

McCourty would love to have more highlight plays like this interception, but his main role is as a big play deterrence; so have yourself a statistic on the box sheet, Dev.

Brandon LaFell Pirouettes

LaFell Catch

Speaking of top five cornerbacks, this is Patriots receiver Brandon LaFell clowning on the Colts' Vontae Davis. This is great coverage by the Indianapolis cornerback, but Tom Brady threw a perfect pass and LaFell ran the  perfect route.

Davis couldn't react in time. LaFell made a play on the outside that it's hard to imagine any Patriots receiver making in the past few years. That's athleticism and this is why LaFell continues to see time as the team's top outside receiver.

What a play.

Gronk Does Gronk Things

Gronk TD

Where to start with this play?

How about the linebacker who doesn't bother to get up after Rob Gronkowski shakes the coverage on the sideline?

What about Julian Edelman's hammer of a block (delivered with his forearms to the defensive back's chest)?

How about the defensive tackle on the Colts being the only player interested in chasing Gronk?

Or Ryan Wendell in pursuit?

Maybe Tim Wright drawing coverage up the seam?

Or Gronk's complete disregard for human safety by launching himself into the end zone?

Maybe the fact that this completed iced the game?

Or that this play was on third down?

I don't know, you tell me.

Gronk Loves to Dance

Left without comment.

So what's your GIF of the Week?