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The Roller Coaster Week of Jonas Gray

The Patriots Jonas Gray is in the midst of one of the weirdest weeks in recent memory.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

(h/t @PatriotsSB49)

Running back Jonas Gray was sent home today because he overslept (per ProJo's Mark Daniels and ESPN's Mike Reiss). Like Darrelle Revis earlier in the year, Bill Belichick will send anyone home who comes in late and it's up to the player to determine how they bounce back.

Revis came in to apologize and the team moved forward. He didn't miss any game time.

How will Gray react?

On Saturday, Patriots owner Bob Kraft pulled Gray aside and told him that he "was going to have a big week" against the Colts.

On Sunday, that prediction came true as Gray ran for an initially reported 199 yards and 4 touchdowns on 38 carries. He was the player of the game and Supreme, his new nickname, was the only way to describe him.

On Monday, it was noted that he actually ran for 201 yards on 37 carries because the game books forgot to remove a play negated by a penalty. He became officially recognized as the first player to run for 200 yards in the 2014 season the following day.

On Tuesday, Gray graced the covers of Sports Illustrated, marking the second time a Patriots running back made the cover of Sports Illustrated for completely dominating the Colts.

On Wednesday the accolades continued to roll in with Gray winning the title of AFC Offensive Player of the Week, marking the first time the Steelers couldn't outdo a Patriots player (Ben Roethlisberger beat out Tom Brady twice).

On Thursday, the Patriots not only took advantage of the Steelers, but also signed back that same running back who made the Sports Illustrated cover. LeGarrette Blount was signed to reduce snaps for Gray and also give the Patriots a heavier stable of backs.

On Friday, Gray was sent home for oversleeping, opening the door for Blount to start taking more snaps and take time away on the field.

What a week. By all accounts Gray is an extremely grounded person so sleeping late is clearly a mistake. Reiss says that the running back's phone died overnight and his alarm didn't go off.

I'm sure it's a tough time for a player thrust into the spot light. All that matters is come Sunday, he had better be ready to lower his shoulder and run through all of the noise.