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Remembering The Buttfumble

Hard to believe it has already been two years, isn't it?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Can you believe it has been two years already?

So much has changed since that fateful night in 2012 when the New England Patriots traveled to New York to take on the Jets for what was supposed to be a huge AFC East matchup that would determine who truly had control over the division. Mark Sanchez is now starting in Philadelphia. Brandon Moore and Steve Gregory have since retired. Napoleon Dynamite no longer has his own cartoon. Miley Cyrus has gone from this to this. It's almost as if we are living on two separate planets now.

But you know what hasn't changed? The Jets. They are still as bumbling, inept, and incompetent as ever. They are one of four teams in the entire AFC with a losing record and virtually no shot at the playoffs. They have questions at quarterback, questions in the secondary, and questions at the head coaching position. They are so bad that they celebrated their victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers like it was the Super Bowl. They are right in the home stretch of yet another failed season. It's good to know that in this ever-fluctuating world full of so much uncertainty, we can always rely on the Jets to put up a stinker.

And speaking of the Jets and stinkers, today marks the anniversary of that glorious play that will forever be known as The Buttfumble. By this point there's no need to spend too much time reliving the play - especially since I already did that and you can watch it here if you can't get enough - but I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention it today and invite us all to share some of our favorite Buttfumble memories in the comments section. After all, what are the holidays about if not being thankful that we aren't Jets fans?

In the future, I may switch this tribute to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, as I'd like to think that The Buttfumble is really more of a Turkey Day tradition as opposed to a November 22nd tradition. But since it's a lazy Saturday, next week is a short one in which nothing will get done, and dammit I just felt like writing about The Buttfumble today, I thought I get this holiday season started off right and allow us all to revisit this wonderful gift the Jets bestowed upon us.

Happy Buttfumbleversary, everyone!