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Bill Belichick, the General Manager

It seems as if the chef has done a good job with purchasing the ingredients.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

As a heads up, this article is going to ooze with smug.

Running Back

LeGarrette Blount, 12 carries, 78 yards, 2 touchdowns

Jonas Gray coming off a 201 yard, 4 touchdown day

Tight End

Tim Wright, 5 catches, 36 yards, 2 touchdowns

Wide Receiver

Julian Edelman, 11 catches, 89 yards; team's second leading receiver

Brandon LaFell, 9 catches, 98 yards, team's third leading receiver

Offensive Line

Dan Connolly, Bryan Stork, and Ryan Wendell all combined to allow zero sacks to the best defensive line in the league

Defensive Line

Vince Wilfork, 63 snaps, leader of the defense

Alan Branch, 29 snaps, pushed the pocket every single time he took the field

Akeem Ayers, 64 snaps, 1 sack, 1 quarterback hit, 2 hurries; three sacks in four games with the team


Jonathan Casillas, 21 snaps, two targets, one completion allowed for -2 yards

Defensive Back

Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis combined for 5 completions on 17 targets, 87 yards, 5 passes defended, 0 touchdowns. Calvin Johnson (3/8). Golden Tate (2/7). Eric Ebron (0/2).

Pat Chung, 6 targets, 1 receptions, 14 yards, 1 pass defended. Tight ends combined for 0 receptions on 5 targets.


So how does Bill Belichick the Patriots general manager look right now? All of these players are in position to succeed due to great coaching, as well as moves by Belichick the GM.

He picked up Gray in January, Blount the past week. Wright in a trade for Logan Mankins (not even including the cap space gained), as well as Connolly starting at left guard as direct fallout. Stork was drafted, Wendell was signed. LaFell and Edelman both signed this off-season.

Wilfork renegotiated, Branch and Ayers were mid-season acquisitions, along with Casillas. The defensive backs were all picked up this off-season.

Yes, it's easy to point at some of the draft picks and question their visibility (Aaron Dobson, we barely knew ye), but if there's any blemish, then Belichick has already covered it up.

It's hard to point at the success this team has been having, and look at the players most key to the success, and say that Belichick the GM has had a negative impact on this season. There is no Wright without him. There is no mid-year play for Casillas, Ayers, Branch, or Blount without him. There's no Boston D Party in the secondary without him.

Belichick the coach has done a great job of shopping for his ingredients. Belichick the GM has turned in another great season.