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Would You Hire Rex Ryan for the Patriots?

If the Jets release head coach Rex Ryan, would you be interested in hiring him? Or would you make him kiss the rings?

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(H/T ChuckScrimalli)

Rex Ryan won't last the season. The Jets head coach has not had a winning season since 2010 (that's four seasons), and it's likely that this disastrous 2014 year is the final straw.

To be clear, it's not entirely his fault. The general manager has done a terrible job of setting up talent for the team to succeed- not everyone can be Bill Belichick. The Jets lost their offensive identity once their offensive line hemorrhaged talent and youth, and then their quarterback situation completely exploded in the worst of ways.

This is where Rex is at fault and where he needs to improve if he is to improve as a head coach. He never found his grasp on the offense and never left a positive imprint. The GM picked up Eric Decker. Chris Ivory. Percy Harvin. Jace Amaro. Chris Johnson. Heck, Jeremy Kerley. This is not an offense devoid of weapons. It's an offense missing an offensive mindset that can elevate it to a base degree of competency.

On the other hand, he has completely flourished as a defensive mind. Last season was the first and only Rex defense since he became a defensive coordinator or head coach- so dating back to 2005- that finished outside the top 8 in yards allowed; they finished 11th.

Rex is a fantastic defensive coach and he's an undeniable resource. His ability to generate pressure and conjure defensive success with bit pieces is similar to the Patriots approach on offense; a strong trench will allow the skill players to thrive, regardless of pedigree.

For how terrible the Jets have been this season, they're the 4th best in the league against the run- which should be a shock since they lose every game. They're 14th against the pass with four starters in the secondary that couldn't sniff the top six in New England (which is insane to say).

Rex is smart and Belichick would acknowledge this. Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is a desired coaching target and his game executions against the Colts, Broncos, and Lions (undeniably touched by Belichick) are all strong examples of how well he can adapt during the course of the game. Similar to the 2011 Super Bowl run when offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien was heading out the door, the Patriots brought aboard Josh McDaniels as an assistant- New England could possibly do the same with Rex.

To be clear, Rex would not and will never be the Patriots defensive coordinator. Should Patricia leave, Patrick Graham is the likely next-in-line for the coordinator position. Belichick is a fan of coaches growing through his program. But he also respects intellect, an approach apparent when he brought Dom Capers aboard in 2008.

It's also reasonable to say that the Patriots don't need anything new on their top 10 defense. They're in a good place and they're playing extremely well over the past few weeks. There's no need to bring aboard a coach for the post-season and expose internal procedures when Rex is likely going to move to a different franchise the very next season.

Tom Brady approached this off-season by learning how to slide out of the pocket and throw on the run. He's expanded his tool box. There's no reason that Belichick can't do the same by bringing in a new defensive mind.