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Who is the Patriots' Unsung Hero?

Who has been the Patriots unsung hero thus far in 2014?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

For this week's GMC Playbook question, Marshall Faulk asks us "who has been the Patriots unsung hero thus far in 2014?"

The Patriots have quite a few options, especially for a team that preaches the mantra of "do your job."

Here are a few candidates:

James Develin, FB: Has played 212 snaps on offense, is a special teams contributor, plays h-back, tight end, lead blocker. And he's one tough SOB.

Michael Hoomanawanui, TE: "O-man," has only been targeted three times all season, but has contributed 351 snaps as a blocking tight end.

Ryan Wendell, OG: Since Ryan Wendell returned to the starting line-up in week five, the Patriots have not lost a game. This is a fact.

Vince Wilfork, DL: Wilfork has not recorded a sack this season, but he's wreaking havoc as a run defender and disrupting plays.

Matt Slater, ST: Slater has had a tremendous season on special teams, but he's probably never going to get the attention he deserves.

Those are just a few of my "unsung" heroes thus far in 2014. Who are yours?

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