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AFC East Standings: Dolphins, Bills Lose as New England's Division Lead Grows

Thanks to a pair of close losses by the Bills and the Dolphins, the Patriots managed to grow their AFC East lead, without actually playing.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday, while on a bye, the New England Patriots saw their divisional lead grow by half a game.

The Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills, both tied in second in the AFC East at 5-3, both suffered losses. For the Dolphins, they lost in the final minute to the Lions with Matthew Stafford finding running back Theo Riddick for a game winner with 29 seconds to play.

The Bills suffered a similarly crushing defeat. They held a ten point fourth quarter lead to the Chiefs before falling 17-13.

With the losses, both the Bills and Dolphins fall to 5-4 and remain tied at second. They are now both a full two games behind the Patriots for first place. What's even more interesting: the two teams face off against each other on primetime this Thursday, at Miami.

And while both the Dolphins and Bills lost and did the Patriots a huge favor, the Jets quietly upset a very hot Pittsburgh Steelers squad.