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Should the Patriots Re-Sign Shane Vereen?

The Patriots will have some tough decisions next off-season- should they make an effort to bring back their running back?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a question to discuss: When the season comes to a close, should the Patriots bring back Shane Vereen?

There are a lot of reasons for, and against. He's a great receiving back who adds value as a quality pass blocker. He's good on the draw play. He's not very good between the tackles and won't be the workhorse- and the Patriots drafted James White.

SlotMachinePlayer made this interesting graph with regards to Vereen's productivity over the course of this season, and how it's continued to decline.

Vereen Rate

To put in context, Laurence Maroney generated nearly 1,000 more yards from scrimmage in his time with the Patriots, and they've been active for roughly the same amount of games (2839 through 45 for Maroney, 1848 through 39 for Vereen).

Here's a chart with the four current backs on the roster and the % of their runs that go for certain lengths.

Runs By Length

For example, Brandon Bolden runs for 1 or fewer yards on 55% of his carries. That's not good. Jonas Gray runs for 2-5 yards on 51% of his. That's very good.

Blount will grind out 0-3 yards on 45% of his carries, but will bust free for a huge 10+ yard gain 17% of the time. That's a good skill to have.

When it comes to Vereen, he rarely goes down for a loss, but he'll hit the wall at the line of scrimmage and pick up zero yards a quarter of the time; he won't get yards that aren't there. But if he gets past that line, he has the ability to shake defenders and picks up 6+ yards on 34% of his carries, the highest rate on the roster.

So what do you think? Make your arguments. How much of an effort should the Patriots make to resign Vereen?