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NFL Week 15: Patriots Fans Rooting Guide

While everyone should be rooting for the Patriots on Sunday, who else should be you cheering to victory?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When the Patriots take the field at home against the Dolphins, everyone knows to root for the good guys. Who else should you be rooting for this week?

Thursday, December 11, 8:25 PM

CardinalsRams - Go Cardinals, go! Do you want the NFC to go through Seattle? Or would you rather them have to play a couple games on the road as a wild card team? The Cardinals and the Seahawks have a remaining head-to-head, where Seattle will likely take the division lead; root for the Cardinals to make it just a little harder for the Seahawks to waltz through the NFC.

Sunday, December 14, 1:00 PM

Packers @ Bills - Go Packers! The Patriots don't really need the Bills to lose, but it would mathematically eliminate them from the division crown, even if the Patriots lose every game for the rest of the season. So I say let the Bills lose, knock Buffalo out of the playoff race, have them switch to EJ Manuel, and hopefully the Patriots get to play a with nothing to gain come Week 17.

Jaguars @ Ravens - To be honest, this is a toss up for the Patriots. You should root for the Ravens so the Jaguars keep pace with the Jets for the top overall draft pick. But you should also root for the Jaguars because the Ravens are probably the best team in the AFC North and it'd be easier to face Prime Time Andy Dalton or the Defenseless Steelers in the playoffs. Go Jaguars.

Bengals @ Browns - This is Johnny Manziel's first start with Cleveland (sorry Brian Hoyer; probably should've taken that contract) and it'll be a fun one. And by "fun" I mean that Dalton and Manziel will probably both be terrible. Go Cleveland.

Buccaneers @ Panthers - Root for the Panthers for the Patriots draft pick in the 4th round, and also because it'd be hilarious to see Carolina throw a wrench into the NFC South.

Texans @ Colts - Everyone's rooting for the Texans. Indy clinches the division with a victory. A Colts loss essentially knocks them out of the Bye Week derby. Go Houston!

Raiders @ Chiefs - The Chiefs have a very slim chance of making the playoffs, but you can be certain that the Patriots would love another crack at them. The Raiders losing will keep pace with the Jets incompetence, so root for the Chiefs here.

Dolphins @ Patriots - Patriots, duh.

Redskins @ Giants - No one. There's literally no one to root for here. Sorry, folks.

Steelers @ Falcons - Root for Atlanta, if only for Matt Ryan and the hilarious NFC South. Pittsburgh has no defense so this game is a prime candidate to be a 54-52 sort of scoring match-up. Naturally, it'll probably end up 9-4 or something like that. But root against the Steelers.

4:05 PM

Broncos @ Chargers - We are all San Diego. If San Diego and the Patriots both win, then the Patriots have a 90% chance of locking down home field advantage since Denver would need to win out and the Patriots would need to lose out. The Broncos have been playing with fire the past few weeks and the Chargers seem to have the run defense that can counter Denver. Go San Diego.

Jets @ Titans - Go Jets! Woo! Take yourself out of the running for the top overall pick!

4:25 PM

Vikings @ Lions - Root for the Lions for the slightest chance that they and Dallas can claim the wild card spots over Seattle. That's the only reason to root for the Lions, like, ever.

49ers @ Seahawks - Go 49ers. Don't let Seattle get homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

8:30 PM

Cowboys @ Eagles - Go Cowboys! The Eagles are a dangerous team, even though the Seahawks and Packers have both dominated them in head-to-heads. Philly will be making the playoffs, so any chance of getting Dallas a wild card is a good thing to root for.

Monday, December 15, 8:30 PM

Saints @ Bears - This is a dumpster fire with no defense. Go Saints, for the sake of the NFC South. Don't give the Bucs anything to care about.