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Week 15 Patriots vs Dolphins: Key to the Game

What do you think is the most important factor for a Patriots victory?

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Offensive Jazz Interference

Key: Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels is no "player" in the on-the-field sense, but he is still the key to the Patriots' success against the Dolphins. As the offensive coordinator, he has to draw up a gameplan to attack both the opponent's weaknesses, as well as mask the Patriots'. Therefore, he has to focus on running the ball. Not only had the Miami defense issues in this area recently, the Patriots have had their own when it comes to pass protection. Setting up the run game would keep the Dolphins' pass rushers honest; if they can't get to Tom Brady because they have to keep an eye on the running game, it could be a long day for Miami.

Rich Hill

Key: Offensive line play

To put it nicely, Sebastian Vollmer is the only Patriot who can be trusted to protect Tom Brady and open up holes in the run game. Nate Solder has been a roller coaster, but his valleys lead to some bad plays for Brady. Dan Connolly has been one of the lowest graded linemen by Pro Football Focus, and has allowed the most quarterback hits by any interior lineman in the league. Bryan Stork is growing as a rookie and Ryan Wendell is a good run blocking guard, but is clearly undersized and overmatched in pass protection. All five players need to be at least adequate for the offense to take advantage of the Dolphins injuries on defense.

What's your key to the game?