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Hey Miami, thanks for the bulletin board material

The Miami Dolphins, following the team's week one victory over the Patriots, have apparently given New England some bulletin board material for this revenge game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For this week's GMC Playbook question, Marshall Faulk asks us to give a compliment to our team's next opponent.

The Patriots, next opponent, of course is the Miami Dolphins. These are the Dolphins that have now beaten the Patriots twice in a row. I'm all about the season of giving. Presents. Not compliments, not in the NFL.

Okay fine, these Dolphins are the best I've seen since 2008. Talent-wise, they are better than that 2008 team. Talent-wise, this could have been the year they passed the Patriots in the standings. Even if they can't sneak into the playoffs this year, they are going to be a threat in 2015 and beyond. But that's it in terms of compliments.

But we would still like to thank the Dolphins. Because they have improved and they have beaten the Patriots recently, they've also given the Patriots excellent bulletin board material this week. Consider this report from ESPN's Adam Schefter:

The Patriots are raring to go against a Dolphins team that has beaten them two straight games. On the screens inside the Patriots training facility, New England displayed multiple quotes from Miami players after they beat the Patriots in the regular-season opener, about how the Patriots players quit, about how they took it to them, and each Patriot was able to repeatedly walk past and read the multitude of quotes the Miami players said about them after the opener. Someone wanted New England to remember.

'Tis the season. To squish the phish.

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