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Todd McShay 2015 NFL Draft: Patriots Drafting Offensive Guard

ESPN's first mock draft has come out and the Patriots are addressing a position of major need.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of the year- with most teams knocked out of the playoffs, it's time for people to start projecting for the 2015 NFL Draft.

The Patriots still have plenty of time before they have to worry about the draft (and when they're picking 32nd, there'll be plenty more time to wait on draft day), but it's okay to start looking at prospects. If you want to join the discussion, you can head to the Pulpit's draft section and pitch in!

ESPN's Todd McShay has released his first mock draft and it's not too shabby (Insider required. Sorry.). Looking around at the division, he has WR Amari Cooper going to the Jets, LB Shaq Thompson to the Dolphins, and OH WAIT THE BILLS DON'T HAVE A FIRST ROUND PICK.

McShay opines that the Patriots should take a pass catcher in the first round (and based on his draft board, I greatly disagree), but ultimately selects: South Carolina's LG A.J. Cann.

Cann is solid prospect with seemingly limited upside. He's the consensus top guard prospect in the draft, but he lacks the upside of some other prospects. He's fairly polished and he would be a plug-and-play left guard should Dan Connolly and/or Ryan Wendell depart.

It's hard to argue with the position being addressed. What do you think?