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Jets Quarterback Michael Vick Prefers to be Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady

If you could be any other quarterback who would you be?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

(H/T /u/GerbilJuggler)

Quick question: if you could be a quarterback on any team in the NFL, which one would you be?

Probably Tom Brady and the Patriots, right?

Well, if you were an actual quarterback in the actual NFL, you should probably say, "myself" and "my team."

Not so fast! You're not so different from the quarterback of the Patriots Week 16 opponent!

Q: So I gotta ask, who's your Madden team Mike [Jets quarterback Michael Vick]?

A: My Madden team? I don't really have a specific team. But I do play with Tom Brady a lot. I like to play with the Pats [Vick's archrival New England Patriots].

I don't really blame him. If you were sent to NFL purgatory with the Jets, the Patriots would be an easy choice for a dream job. Can you imagine getting to play with Rob Gronkowski? 04 Madden Vick and real life Gronk would be unstoppable.

Keep your chin up, Mike. Maybe you'll get to meet Brady on Sunday.