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Patriots Extend Nick Caserio Through 2020

The Patriots' front office has locked up one of its key pieces for the foreseeable future.

"I'm shipping back to Boston..."
"I'm shipping back to Boston..."
Handout/Getty Images

Per Adam Schefter, the New England Patriots have extended director of player personell Nick Caserio's contract, keeping him in New England through the 2020 season. Caserio has been in New England since 2001 and holds his current position since 2008.

Caserio has been viewed as a hot commodity for quite some time. He had an interview with the Miami Dolphins last year to become their general manager but ultimately returned to Foxboro. However, it was believed that he would get another shot this upcoming offseason. With his new deal, which apparently has been done for weeks but was only announced today, Caserio will stay in New England at least six more years.

The front office is amidst another very solid campaign, having signed high priority free agents Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner and Brandon LaFell, as well as drafting starting center Bryan Stork. Nick Caserio has been an integral part of all those moves, and luckily for New England he will continue to do his job the next few years as well.