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Week 17: Late Games Open Thread

With the Patriots' regular season over we can now turn to the rest of today's games.

Are the Packers on their way to the NFC North title?
Are the Packers on their way to the NFC North title?
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots have lost against the Bills and are now officially on to their first round playoff bye. We, on the other hand, are on to the rest of today's games. They are as follows:

4:25 PM EST (CBS): Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

4:25 PM EST (CBS): Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos

4:25 PM EST (FOX): Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

4:25 PM EST (FOX): St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

4:25 PM EST (FOX): Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

8:30 PM EST (NBC): Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Enjoy the games and the discussion. And please follow the rules:

Personal attacks are never permitted, in any case, even against trolls. If a troll posts on the game thread, simply flag the post and notify one of the moderators.

We'll allow some of the "in the moment" PG-13 language. But try not to curse or use foul language, we won't accept it.

Do not post any links to illegal online streams. Whatever you do on the internet is your own business, but we simply cannot have the links posted here.