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Fans Vote Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Best in the League

The fans have voted Bill Belichick best in the league- but by how much?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think anyone in the league would dispute that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is the best in the league. He should win Coach of the Year every year because he is always the best coach. But unlike the MVP award, the award for the best coach is spread around to those who far exceeded expectations, or those who did the most with the least, which is entirely fair.

But someone on Reddit decided to pose the question: who are your top 5 head coaches?

There are some reasonable names out there. The Harbaugh Brothers are both quite good, and Belichick made it known how highly he regards Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

The results? Bill Belichick was named the unanimous #1 head coach in the league. Like, not just consensus, but unanimous. Every single ballot had Belichick at #1.

The Ravens John Harbaugh came in second, the Cardinals Bruce Arians was in third, the Seahawks Pete Carroll in fourth, and the 49ers Angry Jim Harbaugh in fifth. The Eagles Chip Kelly, the Saints Sean Payton, the Packers Mike McCarthy, the Chiefs Andy Reid, and the Giants Tom Coughlin flushed out the top 10.

I think the Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin deserves to be on that list, probably ahead of Reid to bump Coughlin off the list (and onto the hot seat, just so the Patriots can make the Super Bowl). Arians is clearly ranked highly due to recency bias, but he's done an undeniably fantastic job with how many injuries Arizona has faced; it would take a tanking of epic proportions to strip him of the coach of the year award this season.

It should be noted that when the data was presented, it was titled "Who are your top 5 head coaches (not named Bill Belichick)?"

How would you answer the question?