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2015 NFL Draft: Patriots Scouts Not Attending College Championship Weekend

The Patriots have decided not to attend any of the college championships this weekend.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a fan of college football, or the NFL Draft, this week is pretty important. It marks the SEC Championship, the PAC-12 Championship, the ACC Championship, the Big 10 Championship, and the grand finale of the Big 12 Conference (they don't have a championship). There are 23 NFL teams attending these games, and possibly more since the Big 10 Championship doesn't issue scouting credentials.

With the best players in every conference going head to head, you would expect some star power and some top draft picks to be in attendance. Teams like Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Baylor, and many teams with elite prospects are squaring off- and the Patriots will not be attending.

Unlike the Florida State vs Louisville regular season game, which the Patriots attended, it's likely the team scouts will be watching from home.

Don't worry; the Broncos and Seahawks aren't attending either, so they're in good company.