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Week 14: Early Games Discussion Thread

Join in with the rest of the Pulpit to talk about the early games!

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots don't play until tonight, but there's plenty of important football to watch and to discuss.

Here's your rooting chart for whichever game you choose to view.

Here are the Patriots and the AFC competitors' playoff odds.

According to 506Sports, here's the broadcasting schedule for your region.

If you are in the Boston area and turning on CBS, you'll likely be watching the Dolphins take on the Ravens (everyone root for the Ravens!), but for some strange reason Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont will get the Steelers-Bengals game (go Steelers!). Western Massachusetts will be receiving the Jets and Vikings game (go Jets!).

If you're watching Fox, you're definitely getting the Colts versus the Browns, unless you're in that weird pocket in Maine where you get the Giants and the Titans (and may there be mercy for your soul).

There are a lot of exciting and important games to watch. Have fun!