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Patriots vs. Chargers: Predict the Score

Predict the score for the Patriots' week 14 match-up against the San Diego Chargers.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Pats Pulpit staff provides their predictions for the New England Patriots' week 14 Sunday Night Football match-up against the San Diego Chargers.

Greg Knopping: Patriots 34 Chargers 20

Even though I think the Patriots passing offense will be able to move the ball with relative ease through the air, they need to establish a balance with the running game. This is something they lacked against the Packers, and something that will assist the passing game against San Diego if they can get it going. The pass protection was less than stellar last week, but a viable play action can help make up for those deficiencies.

Alec Shane: Patriots 38 Chargers 24

This one is going to be way closer than any of us would like for the bulk of the game; the Chargers are one of those teams that can sneak up on you with their weapons, and they are finally starting to get healthy after a wave of injuries cost them a few games they probably should have won. However, a few late turnovers and a passing attack that San Diego's secondary can't match up against will put this one to bed late in the 4th quarter.

Richard Hill: Patriots 31 Chargers 17

Patriots are going to come out running the ball to set the tone. The defense matches up well against the Chargers and should slow them down early, even if they make a late surge at the end of the game.

Adam Fox: Patriots 35 Chargers 24

I felt like going in to this rather brutal two-game road stretch that the Patriots would almost certainly drop one. If New England had managed to mount an emotionally-draining, come-from-behind win in Lambeau last week, I'd feel much worse about this one. I also feel Belichick's decision to keep the team in Southern California all week will pay dividends in rest, preparation, and being on the same page in all three phases.


All four participating staff members had the Patriots winning by double digits. What are your predictions for tonights game? Let us know!