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Tom Brady Needs to Stop Throwing With Bad Technique

It sounds pretty simple, right? But it'll change the game.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

You know when the bad throw is coming. Tom Brady is back pedaling and you just want him to throw the dang ball away, Tom, just THROW IT AWAY.

Maybe the offensive line let some pressure through- and it could be literally any of the starting five and no one would question it.

Maybe Tom is just seeing ghosts and hurries a throw that he really probably should've taken more time to execute.

Maybe Brady gets hit. Maybe the ball gets tipped. Maybe the defense makes just a really good play.

But we all know when it's about to happen because his form is fairly consistent.

Brady gets high on his front foot, rocks backwards, and launches a moon shot that falls short/wide of Rob Gronkowski and right into the arms of a defender. It's not a Brady throw, but it's a pass that's reared its ugly head over the past few weeks.

Brady has thrown five interceptions in the past five games. He's still on pace to throw single digit interceptions- recency bias just makes it seem worse than it actually is. But these throws are all the result of panic in the pocket due to an inconsistent offensive line and an obvious weight on Brady's shoulder to execute when he definitely shouldn't have tried.

Interestingly enough, all he's won each game with these recent picks- he was pickless against the Packers- but turning the ball over leads to losses. Tom, you can fix it. Just play a little smarter.