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New England Patriots Links 12/09/14 - Patriots Emerge as Team to Beat in AFC

Daily News and Links for 12/09/14

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  • Adam Kaufman looks back at the six-game gauntlet and says they've emerged as without question the team to beat in the AFC.
  • Jeff Howe gives us five takeaways from Sunday's win: 1. Pats had one of their most complete defensive displays, and it was without Jones, Hightower and Mayo.
  • Brayden Campbell points out that when the Patriots need an offensive spark, Julian Edelman shows up as usual.
  • Phil Perry notes former NFL official Jim Daopolous called Browner's hit a "football play" and doesn't agree with the call.
  • Ben Volin tells how Darrelle Revis encouraged the fans behind the bench to 'bring the love' at the end of the game, and says the defense deserved every bit of glory.
  • Jerry Thornton posts his knee-jerk reactions to Pats-Bolts: "Thanks to Revis, Keenan Allen was so non-existent that Manti Te'o fell in love with him."
  • Mike Reiss re-watches the film from Sunday and posts his observations: First quarter Second quarterThird quarter Fourth quarter.
  • Jeff Howe recaps how it all came together for the Patriots after a vicious six-game stretch against some of the 'most high-profile QBs on the planet.'
  • Michael Felger thinks these Patriots have a different feel than in previous years when they've ripped through the league.
  • Christopher Price tracks the opportunities in the passing game: Edelman leads with 85 catches on 125 targets (69%).
  • Christopher Price tells us which defenders have done the best job of getting after the QB: Ninkovich leads in sacks (7), hits (13) and hurries (26).
  • Ron Borges issues his Week 14 Report Card: Defense gets straight A's.
  • Chad Finn notes Pats-Bolts was the highest rated prime-time game involving the Chargers since 1996.
  • Jeff Howe Patriots Notebook: Bill Belichick on the Browner penalty: "We coach it exactly the way that's written in the rule book -- what we're allowed to do and what we're not..."; Sealver Siliga was big in his return, especially after only four practices before returning from short-term IR; Belichick praised Jamie Collins for his big-time performance; Patriots have lost the turnover battle in four consecutive games.