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New England Patriots Links 2/10/14 - A New Frontier

Another week and another set of links

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Team Talk

Local Links

Divisional Discussion

National News

  • Mike Reiss gives his quick-hit thoughts around the league.
  • John Branch and courageous draft hopeful defensive end Mike Sam of Mizzou come out on Sam's terms regarding his homosexuality. Sam is a projected mid round pick, and current SEC defensive player of the year, and would represent the first active athlete in the major four American sports to be openly gay.
  • MMQB - Peter King touches upon everything.
  • "It’ll totally depend on your leadership," the scout said. "A team with strong leadership at coach and in the locker room, like New England, I would imagine, would be okay. I could see Belichick say, ‘This is the way it is. There’s no story.’ And guys would just accept him. There’d be no choice. But without that strong leadership, I could see it being divisive, and I could see a team saying, ‘We don’t need this.’ "
  • SBNation's OutSports has the behind the scenes information on the process behind's Sam's journey.