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New England Patriots Links 2/11/14 - Is Anyone Out There?

Mission Log 1,376: Marima is still missing, with no end in sight. The troops are getting restless. I am unable to satiate their endless desire for these so-called "Links." I fear I cannot hold out much longer. When will this madness end?

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Team Talk

Local Links

  • Mike Reiss reviews how the Patriots coaching staff is much more lean than other teams in the NFL.
  • Tom Curran breaks down the Patriots' running back position and how each player has a role moving forward.
  • Extremely numbers based, but Miguel does a great job evaluating the Patriots salary cap situation and points out how they can have $25-30mm in cap space. Some notes: New England took on an additional $1.5mm in cap use in 2013 when they released Brandon Lloyd in order to save $1.5mm for 2014. They can generate $10mm in extra cap space without releasing anyone, in addition to the project $7mm they already have.
  • Nick Underhill projects the Patriots a compensatory pick in the sixth round for Pat Chung.
  • Donte' Stallworth goes all "Belichick" on Twitter, saying that teams that "can't handle [additional] media coverage" have already lost.
  • Underhill evaluates the rookies seasons of both Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce, here and here (respectively).

Divisional Discussion

National News

  • Chris Price runs down the list of local players in New England who have been invited to the combine. Some names for you to see: UCONN's DT Shamar Stephen, UMASS's TE Rob Blanchflower, and BC's OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis.
  • Pro Football Focus debates whether the Patriots should keep Julian Edelman or Aqib Talib