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Patriots Quiet on the Cap Front

The Patriots are twiddling their thumbs. What are they waiting for?


The free agency period doesn't begin until March 11th, but the Patriots would do well to remove some bloat from their salary cap. There are some clear options at who can and will be cut, yet the Patriots haven't made a move.

Call it par for the course.

Last season, the big date was March 12th, yet the Patriots didn't make their first official cut until March 4th, when LB/FB Spencer Larsen and OT Kyle Hix were released. In February, the Patriots made two moves, signing CFL studs Armond Armstead and Jason Vega to the roster. That was it.

So while the Patriots have the opportunity to make roster moves, don't expect them to follow any planned course. They can wait until other teams start making more moves to ensure they're under the cap at the start of free agency (which is a league requirement).

If you're feeling nervous about how quiet the Patriots have been, don't be. It's just how they operate.