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TE Tony Gonzalez Signs with CBS

So much for that pipe dream.

Chris Graythen

I thought it was possible. Tony Gonzalez would bypass the off-season workouts and sign with the Patriots as a contributing tight end in the hopes of getting that elusive Super Bowl ring. So long, happy thought.

Former Chiefs and Falcons tight end and eventual first ballot hall of famer and greatest tight end of all time Ton Gonzalez has signed on to be a part of the CBS pregame show. He will be featured alongside James Brown, Boomer Esiason, and Bill Cowher. Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe are no longer with the program.

Gonzalez is going to be great on the show as his presentation and analysis are usually top notch.

I'd laugh if Dan Marino went back to the Dolphins to be in the John Elway role (oh wait, he already wants to).

I guess that means Sharpe is the obvious front runner to be the Patriots' veteran tight end signing.