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Belichick Arrogantly Arrogants, While Being Arrogantingly Arrogant

How arrogant!

Bill Belichick arrogantly swings a golf club.
Bill Belichick arrogantly swings a golf club.
Christian Petersen

How dare he.

Patriots Patriarch Bill Belichick has stooped to a new low. His audacious nature is catching up to him and he'll soon be friendless and loveless in a hopeless place.

Belichick has taken the opportunity to rub the shine off of the holiest of football holidays this Combine weekend, by inserting his input by withdrawing from the media. If there ever was a sign of the Patriots demise, this is undoubtedly it. How can he expect to have any success this season if he doesn't answer a few questions about prospects with melted vanilla ice cream answers?

This off-season will be nothing but Belichick spitting on the shield of the league.

I'm going to clear this up because I want to get ahead of the rest of the world. Belichick's arrogance will finally catch up with him this season. Who does he think he is that he's above every single other team in the league? Who anointed him as the Grand Supreme Non-Interviewer? It's clear that the Cowboys and the Saints have their own acceptable reasons for not presenting in front of the media, but not Belichick.

Never Belichick.

So when he arrogantly signs his free agents in March, and arrogantly decides whether to keep Julian Edelman, or Aqib Talib, or both, and when he arrogantly cuts some players for roster spaces, and arrogantly assembles his draft board, and arrogantly hires his friends and confidants into his front office, and arrogantly ignores my phone calls, e-mails, and texts?

It just makes my blood boil.

He'll likely offer an arrogant contract to Steelers' free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. He'll probably put an arrogant clause in Talib's contract offer in case of injury. He'll arrogantly arrogant his way into Vince Wilfork's contract renegotiation, to guarantee his money, but spread it over three seasons.

I'm fed up with Bill. This isn't what I signed up for when I became a fan of the New England Patriots. I signed up for "Brady and Belichick", not "Brady and not-Belichick."

So c'mon now. I need to know your opinions on Michael Sam (again). I have to know how you'll answer the question "what position do the Patriots need in the draft?" And just what is your stance on Danny Amendola's groin?

But seriously, Bill, just answer my texts.