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The Ultimate Tight End Breakdown

Take this as the word of Belichick for the draft.


We can only do so much and still hold down our day jobs. For everything else, there are insanely brilliant people like Greg Peshek.

Peshek is over at Rotoworld doing some one the best work on draft prospects that I've ever seen. He's covered quarterbacks (here), wide receivers (here and here), cornerbacks (here and here), and now he's looking at tight ends. If you ever wanted to see the best comparison of the top tight ends in this upcoming draft, this is what you need to read.

Inside the article, Peshek breaks down:

Average depth of reception

Yards after the catch

Yards after contact

Player responsibility (slot/inline/etc)

Drop rate

It's seriously impressive work. Take a gander at all of his other stuff, but especially this bit on tight ends. It paints a picture of:

Eric Ebron: Versatile, great after the catch, hands of stone

Jace Amaro: Solid hands, great after the catch, glorified slot receiver

Austin Seferian-Jenkins: Most versatile, best hands, least dangerous with the ball

Troy Niklas: Solid hands, solid versatility, best seam stretcher

Richard Rodgers: Poorly utilized, slot receiver, dangerous with the ball

C.J. Fiedorowicz didn't see enough targets to be a part of the study.

So there are some pretty glaring issues when looking at all these prospects (Ebron: hands, Amaro: utility, ASJ: YAC, Niklas: few targets), but that's how it is with every draft.

Go take a gander and enjoy.