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Salary Cap Expected to be $130 Million

Great boost for the Patriots as free agency turns the corner.

Patrick McDermott

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the NFL is expecting to raise the salary cap from $123 million in 2013 to $130 million in 2014.

People weren't sure of where the 2014 cap would stand, but most projections were on the conservative side, with Miguel expecting $126.3mm. This $4 mm increase in expected space is a great boon for the Patriots, who were getting squeezed for space to fit in both of their priority free agents, Julian Edelman and Aqib Talib.

In other news, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe says that the Patriots have yet to approach center Ryan Wendell about a contract extension, nor have met with guard Logan Mankins about restructuring his contract. Volin believes that Mankins is open to an extension in order to reduce his cap hit, so long as he retains the value of his original contract.

I believe the Patriots haven't met with Wendell in the hopes that he hits the market to low fanfare. New England doesn't want to set the price tag for Wendell and their expectation is that the market will set his value, allowing the Patriots to make an informed offer.