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Bill Belichick to Arrogantly Hold Press Conference

Just kidding, this is awesome.

USA Today Sports

Well, look who's arrogantly coming out of his arrogant woodwork.

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Bill Belichick is expected to hold a press conference around 3pm today, bringing much joy and analysis into the world.

I will arrogantly take credit for goading him into hosting a press conference, because he clearly sees things in my own arrogant way.

Who knows what Belichick will talk about, but it's likely nothing is off limits. Expect him to expound upon the delicate intricacies of long snappers or the layer selected to hold the football on kickoffs when it's windy outside. He might give a brief analysis on some positions he may or may not be interested in drafting- or maybe he'll manipulate the draft like 2011, when he pumped up the depth of positions he wasn't interested in, which can lead to runs and can push the better talent at other positions down the draft board.

Who knows what he'll say, but buckle up for 3pm!