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Belichick: Patriots Coaching Staff Set

One of the only real nuggets from his combine press conference.


Bill Belichick spoke for a couple minutes at the Combine on Thursday, and didn't really provide too much information. He welcomed Mike Lombardi aboard, said he didn't know enough about this draft class to offer an opinion, and he gave Boston Globe writer Ben Volin the three word response of "I don't know."

So it was business as usual for Bill.

The only real value from the presser was Belichick announcing that the coaching staff was basically set for the 2014 season. This is interesting because:

1) There is currently no tight end coach (vacated by George Godsey, now in Houston).

2) There is currently no linebacker coach (vacated by Pepper Johnson, now in Buffalo).

3) There is currently no assistant head coach (vacated by Dante Scarnecchia, now in football Valhalla).

So there's a chance the Patriots move forward without a coach in these positions. Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia used to be the linebacker coach, so it's not a stretch for him to take on that role. Offensive coaching assistant Brian Daboll still has a very general role, so there's a chance he stretches himself by coaching the tight ends.

Or there's a chance the Patriots promote from within.

Jerry Schlupinski is starting his second season with the franchise and has experience as a college linebacker coach. And Steve Belichick is starting his third season with the franchise and would follow the past trend as a tight end coach (Brian Ferentz was an assistant for two seasons before becoming the tight end coach. Godsey was an assistant for one season before getting the nod).

In my opinion, I think Patricia will assume the role of linebacker coach. Belichick the younger will be the defacto tight end coach. And I think the assistant head coach position will be empty, although McDaniels will likely be the birdy in Belichick's ear (think about about Belichick didn't name a defensive coordinator for a couple seasons).