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Patriots to Meet with Aqib Talib

Per Jeff Howe, the Patriots are meeting with the stud cornerback

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Boston Herald's Jeff Howe, the Patriots are doing some serious extracurricular team building this weekend.

Not only are they potentially adding a former head coach to the defensive staff, they are apparently meeting with cornerback Aqib Talib to hash out some groundwork for a contract. The Patriots have exclusive negotiating rights through March 11th and would like to set a new deal prior to the free agency period.

The Patriots are normally a little more quiet surrounding these events, so this is definitely worth noting. It's also important because the Patriots haven't reached out to fellow free agent center Ryan Wendell (per the Boston Globe). So, unsurprisingly, Talib is viewed as a priority free agent for the team.

Nothing has surfaced regarding Julian Edelman, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots let the market set his price before coming back with an offer of their own.

One DeAngelo Hall signed a large contract with the Redskins, it was up to the Patriots whether they wanted to make a move with Talib before any other team set the market level, or if they wanted to let other teams set the market price. It's clear the Patriots want to be the ones moving the price tag.

Let's hope the Patriots have some good discussions with Talib to set the team off on the right foot as they enter the free agency period.