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Buffalo Bills After the Dentist

Watch this sad tale of a young Bills fan.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

There are some things that are just tragic in football. Leon Sandcastle is one. The Chiefs in the playoffs is another. But there's a certain sadness that follows the Bills franchise that Patriots fans are all too connected with.

The Bills have the displeasure of playing in the same division as the Patriots, matching up 40 times in the past twenty seasons. That span has seen the Patriots helmed by Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady, with one season of Matt Cassel and a single game by John Friesz in 2000. The Bills have used 15 quarterbacks over that span, from Jim Kelly, Doug Flutie, and Rob Johnson, to E.J. Manuel, Trent Edwards, and, yes, Drew Bledsoe.

The Bills have been 8-32. Flutie is the only quarterback with a winning record (4-2!). They have swept one season series in that time frame (1999 by Flutie!).

It's fair to say that the Patriots haven't been playing nicely with the Bills, even though Buffalo seems to have been on the cusp of mediocrity for the better part of the past decade. So when a young Bills fan is under the influence of some horrible cocktail of pain, novocaine, and sadness, the truth comes out.

Patriots fans should feel some bizarre mix of pleasure and empathy at 4:10 mark (at the end), but the rest is quite hilarious.

Poor Bills fans. Go Tom Brady.