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Patriots Releasing Steve Gregory

Big moves mark the open of the Patriots free agency period

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to Steve Gregory's agent, the Patriots will be releasing starting strong safety Steve Gregory today.

Gregory signed with the Patriots two seasons ago and became one of the leaders on defense. He was lauded for his football smarts by everyone from the coaching staff to the secondary and it's undeniable that he's had a positive impact on the youth in the locker room.

However, his play on the field failed to match his intelligence. He would give up a head-shaking play once a game and couldn't really separate himself from rookie Duron Harmon. While Gregory had met playing time incentives, it boosted his cap hit into waters the Patriots couldn't afford to cross.

Cutting Gregory saves roughly $2.85mm on the salary cap. The Patriots must feel comfortable enough with Harmon's play for the upcoming season. Look for the Patriots to make more moves over the coming days.

Best of luck to the 31 year old Steve Gregory (one of the oldest players on the roster).