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Donte Stallworth Challenges Randy Moss' Honor

Stallworth is dropping some heat on Twitter. A great look into the dudes in the locker room.

Jim Rogash

For those of you not "with" technology, you're missing out on something amazing. Former Patriot wide receiver Donte Stallworth is waxing poetic about his time as a teammate of Randy Moss and it's just too amazing to pass up. Here's his story:

LOL!!! Man... I must tell y'all about this story with [Randy Moss] talking a big game, but when it came down to it he tucked his tail. It was mid season, during the bye week I think, and MOss came up to me with a mug on his face and said, "You think you're fast, don't you?"

I responded by saying something like, "I'm faster than you and we can put something on it; I'm not racing you for fun."

So he starts jumping in circles, making noises like Pinky from Next Friday, then he says we can race for, "Whatever...100 yards."

Now, I'm no dummy. I'm not racing Randy Moss 100 yards with those long ass legs and that super stride he has once he gets going. Besides, my strength with my speed was that I could get to full speed by 10-12 yards. So I said to him, "Let's run a 40."

I was honest and I told him he would probably beat me in a 100 yard race. But I was more than confident, I was certain I could beat him in 40 [yards].

Then Moss, being the extremely confident person he is said, "We can run your race. Let's go 60." And I agreed to that.

I had to remind him that I wasn't racing him for bragging rights or for fun. I wanted to take money from him, essentially embarrassing him. I suggested we race for a game check. He declined that notion after deliberating a short while, but we came to an agreement on 100k. 60 yards.

Excited, Moss says to me in that country ass accent of his, "We gon' put 100k in two black briefcases at the finish line. Winner picks [them] up. And when I win, I don't wanna hear no, 'I was just playin'', or 'Can I have my money back?' Once it's down, it's mine."

Then he gets in my face and with a mean mug on his face says, "And if you try to pick my money up, I'mma slap you.""

If you know Moss, you know he talks a bunch of s*** [sic]!! I was salivating at the thought I could embarrass hi in front of the whole team. I knew I could jump out on Moss in a race because that's my strength. Once he was able to kick in his X button, it would be too late.

I had to remind him I ran a low 4.2 in the combine because of my fast start and that I would look back and taunt him the last 10 yards. Some of the guys weighed in on the potential race. Brady, being ever so diplomatic, said, "That would be really close. I'd like to see that."

Most of the [wide receivers] sided with me in the 60 yard race, but acknowledged he would win a 100 yard race. This didn't sit well with Randy. After hours & hours at work, full of trash talk, nothing materialized. Moss said we should wait until after the season.

I'm still waiting.

This was amazing. If you're not on Twitter, you absolutely need to be. Stallworth drops the mic by calling out Willis McGahee, another former teammate who apparently tried to race him.