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Patriots will Re-Sign Michael Hoomanawanui

The first real move of the offseason isn't flashy, but it's consistent.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

In what can only be described as true New England fashion, the Patriots have made their first official move of Free Agency in their decision to bring back a player that pretty much nobody has been talking about as of late. According to a league source, the team will be bringing back tight end Michael Hoomanawanui; for how much and for how long remains unknown.

Hooman did an admirable job last year in Gronk's absence, and while he's nowhere near the physical specimen that Gronkowski is and is suited as more of a blocking tight end than anything else, he was consistent, reliable, and made more than his share of excellent catches over the course of the season. The Patriots are still likely to target a tight end in the draft, but getting Hooman back provides some depth and consistency to what was once one of the team's strongest positions.

It's too bad that Dan Dierdorf is retiring; watching him struggle to pronounce Hooman's name was usually one of the highlights of my Sunday.

UPDATE: NESN is reporting that Hoomanawanui's deal is for two years. His salary has not yet been disclosed.