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Patriots Featured This Week on NFL Network

NFL Network will be paying tribute to the Patriots dynasty all week long.

Kevin C. Cox

In case you weren't aware, the NFL Network has decided to dub the month of March "Dynasty" Month, and will be highlighting some of the league's greatest football dynasties all month long. Last week, they (rightly) kicked off their showcase with the Green Bay Packers and every day dedicated a sizeable chunk of their programming to reliving some of Green Bay's greatest games, moments, and victories.

Today marks the beginning of Patriots Week, and much of the NFL Network's focus will be on the Pats - not just any and all updates that come out of New England as Free Agency picks up, but on the dynasty years of the early 2000s. The bulk of the programming kicks off today at 2 PM EST, where they will replay Super Bowl XXXVI before going into an absolute treasure trove of fantastic specials, including "America's Game," "Sound FX: Tom Brady," and "The Top 10 Players who Wore #12." If you find yourself straying away from the NFL Network in the offseason, this would be a good week to tune back in, not only for Free Agency updates, but for a chance to relive some of the all-time great Patriots moments as well.