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Patriots Release WR T.J. Moe

According to his agent, the Patriots are releasing T.J. Moe.

Jamie Squire

The Patriots have made another move at the deadline and it turns out they're releasing depth wide receiver T.J. Moe.

Moe is a rising sophomore out of Missouri who missed last season due to an achilles injury. He flashes tremendous explosion and quickness, although his long range speed is below average. He was projected to be a slot receiver in 2014, with him providing depth in case of Julian Edelman signing elsewhere or Danny Amendola getting injured.

Moe's agent released the news and was disappointed as Moe looked to be on track to return at full health.

I wouldn't read too much into it, but it could be linked to some positive news on the Edelman contract front. Edelman spoke with the Patriots last week and there wouldn't be any space to keep Edelman, Amendola, and Moe under contract.

Moe will likely sign with another team and should be able to produce out of the slot.