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Aqib Talib to Washington, Alterraun Verner to New England?

Some shuffling in the secondary could be in order for the New England Patriots

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

First: ESPN's John Clayton says that he believes Aqib Talib is going to join former coach Raheem Morris in Washington. Team owner Dan Snyder has no problem spending the money and you can be sure that he's love to add Talib to a secondary with his newly signed DeAngelo Hall.

Second: Titans FA cornerback Alterraun Verner might be more of a target than we originally thought possible. He recently went to Sirius XM with Mad Dog Sports Radio and had the following things to say about the Patriots:

New England is definitely a possibility. Jason's brother (Devin McCourty) has been lobbying me to join.

And before you think this is just a pipe dream and think that Verner's deserved price tag is out of the Patriots reach, Verner also had this to say:

I feel more compelled to go to a team that I think can win. I haven't had that experience for the past four years in Tennessee. Money is [a priority], but it isn't. I look at it differently. Some look at it tangibly; I look at it as more of a respect value. I would feel more obliged to go to a team that paid me $6 or $7 million and made me one of the highest-paid players on the team, than go to a team that paid me $8 or $9 million and I wasn't one of the highest-paid players on the team.

All quotes from Mad Dog Twitter. But seriously. How awesome does this guy sound?

Verner goes on to say that he thinks Denver would be a good fit (although Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is expected to re-up at Mile High). He spoke on the Jets and Giants, although they didn't really fit his mold for a winning team. He likes San Francisco, but doesn't believe he'll be joining them.

As a point of reference, paying Verner "$6 or $7 million" would be under the Patriots expected price allotment at cornerback, and it would still put him as the fifth highest paid player on the roster.

For more reading on Alterraun Verner, take a peek at Cian Fahey's excellent breakdown at Bleacher Report. Verner generally erased the opposition, although the Titans tended to put Jason McCourty as the shadow on opposing #1s. Coming to New England, Verner wouldn't be the same shadow corner that Talib was, but he provides flexibility in multiple types of coverage.

Also, saving anywhere from $2 to $4 million by signing Verner over Talib would be a major boon.