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2014 NFL Free Agency Rumors: Open Thread

Talk about all free agency rumors and stories as they relate to the NFL and to the New England Patriots

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The day is finally upon us! Free agency opens at 4pm so you can be sure that plenty of news will trickle out over the course of the day.

Use this thread as a single point of reference to discuss any news from today, or to post rumors and stories as they arise.

The Patriots have to address some of their holes at tight enddefensive tackledefensive endinterior line, and at cornerback.

Do they move Ryan Mallett to another team?

Is there any chance Darrelle Revis ships up to Boston?

Or maybe the Patriots go after Alterraun Verner?

And which players are going to be cut for cap space (Isaac Sopoaga? Vince Wilfork?), or have their contracts renegotiated (Devin McCourty?)?

There are plenty of possibilities and today marks the official start of free agency. Let's hope the Patriots have some good news come out of the Razor and the team can start their winning ways.