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Ignore the Washington Free Agent Hype on Aqib Talib

Patriots fans are concerned that team could be outbidding the Patriots for Aqib Talib. Don't worry about it.


Since March 9th:

S Mike Mitchell, DT Art Jones, CB Aqib Talib, CB Corey Graham, WR Kenny Britt, WR Andrew Hawkins, WR Andre Roberts, CB Carlos Rogers, S Jarius Byrd, CB Captain Munnerlyn, DT Linval Joseph, DT Randy Starks, OT Anthony Collins, LB Jon Beason, WR Hakeem Nicks, LB Joe Mays, WR Kenny Britt, WR Emmanuel Sanders, RB Darren Sproles, S T.J. Ward

All of them linked to the Washington Redskins. All of them.

There's no way they sign them. They currently have $22 million in cap space with little wiggle room. They already paid money to cornerback DeAngelo Hall. They clearly want to get Robert Griffin III an additional toy on offense. They want to upgrade their defense.

But isn't that the goal? The Hogs have been linked to every free agent because they're doing their due diligence. They want to upgrade every position because that's what teams are supposed to do. They're likely leaking information to show that they're a franchise serious about improving because that is important to the players.

But when we see that the Redskins are "interested" in Aqib Talib, don't worry about it. They could be sniffing around. They could offer a high money deal.

But it could also just be posturing. There's a reason that the Redskins are the only other team connected with Talib, and it's not because teams are being selectively secretive about this one player.

The Redskins have holes all around their defense, from the defensive line, to the linebackers, to their secondary, especially at the safety position. Signing Talib is not only a poor use of their resources, but also just doesn't make sense when evaluating their roster.

The Patriots, on the other hand, have fewer defined needs, with cornerback at the very top. They not only have the ability to bring back Talib, but they have the need.

So maybe the interest is real by the Redskins; in fact, I'm sure it is. But they're just not in a position to challenge the Patriots for Talib.