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Julian Edelman Rumors: Offered Three Year Deal by Patriots

Updates on the Julian Edelman front as the wide receiver approaches free agency at 4:00 PM ET today.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, it was reported that the Patriots were pursuing wide receiver Julian Edelman aggressively. Now, it appears that they have made their offer and that it is for three years. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports:

Albert Breer of also followed up on Rapoport's Tweet with the following:

From this, a few things can be inferred:

1. Plan A for the Patriots is to have Julian Edelman return to the team

2. The Patriots have a number in mind for Edelman, and it's unlikely the team gets into a major bidding war for him.

3. Things could move quickly once free agency starts at 4:00 PM ET. Don't expect the Patriots to wait long as Edelman as the team has a good idea of who their option B will be.

Of course, we kind of already knew all three of these things. Nonetheless, it should be an interesting few hours on the Edelman front.