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Wide receiver Julian Edelman to test free agency after failing to reach a deal with the New England Patriots

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Julian Edelman and the New England Patriots were unable to reach a deal today and he will test the free agent market, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The Patriots reportedly offered a three-year deal and set a 4 PM deadline for him to agree, but it appears the 27-year-old slot receiver thinks he can get more money.

The dollar figures of New England's offer are unknown, but it seems reasonable assume they offered Edelman less than what he believes he will receive in the market. If Wes Welker signed for $6 million per last season, the Patriots probably offered around $3 or $4 million. However, it's unlikely another team would come close to matching Welker's value.

Julian Edelman is coming off a year where he caught 105 passes for 1,056 yards and 6 touchdowns, but he has been riddled with injuries throughout his career. There is an element of risk for whichever team signs him to a lengthy contract.

If Edelman signs elsewhere, reports indicate that the Patriots view former Bengals receiver Andrew Hawkins as a fallback option.