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cruelangelT Creates Viral Video; Belichick Singing Creates Nightmares

One of our own has created a video seen around the globe. They've also forced many people to lose sleep.

Scott Iskowitz

cruelangelT saved humanity. Or ended it. This viral video is all that you need to see and it will be the Patriots battle cry for this upcoming season:

I don't even know. Darrelle Revis and Tom Brady are showing tremendous chemistry right off the jump, but they play on opposite sides of the ball. Bill Belichick looks like some mix of Pennywise from Stephen King's IT and Edward Cullen from Twilight. This is glorious, beautiful, horrifying, wonderful, ghoulish, and magnificent.

I'd like to think this video was part of the reason for Revis signing with the Patriots, or that he forces all teams that he tries out for to create a music video on his behalf. Full of rainbows and cats. Rex Ryan couldn't figure out how to ride the bike. Lovie Smith didn't have the singing voice.

But Bill Belichick? He understands what sacrifice is all about. He had to do this to lock-up his lockdown corner. And it's worth it.