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Kenny Britt Leaves Without Contract

Britt came, Britt saw...Britt left.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Although it was initially reported that Kenny Britt was scheduled to visit the New England Patriots on Sunday. He didn't actually make the trip until today. And according to reports, he left Gillette Stadium earlier this afternoon without a deal in place.

Britt has already visited St. Louis, and is now on his way to Washington to visit the Redskins. He's likely to sign somewhere; it's just a matter of finding a team willing to take a flyer on him and a coaching staff that feels strong enough about its locker room so that Britt won't be a problem. You figure that New England would be a great landing spot for him, but perhaps there wasn't as much mutual interest as some of us thought.

Of course, it's important to note that the fact that Britt left today without a deal in place doesn't mean that New England isn't going to be signing him down the road; for all we know, they may have very quietly offered him a one year, low money contract, and Britt is simply exploring his options before accepting. But based on the way this offseason is going, if you are a free agent coming in from another club and the Patriots want you on their team, they make sure you don't leave the stadium (see Browning, Brandon). New England still may very well bring Kenny Britt on, but he clearly isn't a team priority. And with James Jones signing with the Raiders this afternoon, the pool of available veteran wideouts is getting extremely thin. There's a chance that the only new receivers we'll see on this team from here on out are rookies.