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Julian Edelman's Contract: 4/$19 million

The details for Julian Edelman's contract are now available.

Mike Zarrilli

Per Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports, Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman's contract is for four seasons, with a maximum of $19 million.

Garafolo says that the four year deal contains $17 million in base money, $2 million in incentives, and $8 million guaranteed. The base shows $4.25 million per season, with potential for $4.75 million a year. His $8 million guaranteed averages as $2 million per season.

An easy comparison is Danny Amendola's contract; his deal of 5 years, $29.5 million base and $2.5 million in incentives, contained $10 million in guaranteed, which also averages out to $2 million per season. Amendola's base of $5.9 million and escalated deal of $6.1 million is far greater than Edelman's.

It's interesting how Edelman wound back with New England, but the demand for his services just wasn't there. Amendola caught the Patriots in a vulnerable position last season and took advantage.

Let's hope that Edelman can stay healthy and earn the rest of his contract.