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Patriots Awarded Additional 4th Round Draft Pick

The Patriots were awarded an additional 4th round compensatory draft pick this week. Clearly, Bill Belichick can barely contain his excitement.

The New England Patriots received some pleasant and somewhat unexpected news yesterday when they were awarded an additional fourth round compensatory draft pick by the NFL. While it was already known that the Patriots would be receiving an additional pick, the general consensus was that said pick would come in the 5th or 6th round. To get a 4th rounder is an excellent bonus.

The Patriots now have eight picks at their disposal, including five in the first four rounds of what is the deepest NFL Draft in years. And while they will likely be wheeling and dealing all over the place on draft weekend, that fourth round compensatory pick - the last of the round, number 140 overall - cannot be traded, so we're guaranteed to see at least one fourth rounder coming to New England - most likely in the form of a defensive back from Rutgers.

With the addition of this pick, New England's draft board currently looks like this:

  • 1st Round, Pick 29
  • 2nd Round, Pick 62
  • 3rd Round, Pick 93
  • 4th Round, Pick 130
  • 4th Round, Pick 140 (compensatory pick)
  • 5th Round, no pick (traded to Eagles)
  • 6th Round, Pick 198 (received from Eagles)
  • 6th Round, Pick 206
  • 7th Round, Pick 244