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Shaun Phillips Signs with Titans; Patriots Options Decrease

Lesser news, but still important regarding the Patriots pass rush.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

On the back-burner behind the Vince Wilfork information is that pass rusher Shaun Phillips has signed a 2 year deal for up to $6 million. We examined the recent impact of Jared Allen signing with Chicago and the market is now even smaller.

Basing on my analysis, there are now just two pass rushers on the market that I believe would be positive impacts on the Patriots defensive line. They are Robert Ayers and Anthony Spencer. Both have been linked to teams in the NFC East.

Phillips would have been a quality addition, but it's clear that the team didn't believe him to be worth his seemingly reasonable price tag. The other two will be more expensive. Looking at the remaining pieces, I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots stayed out of the market and instead opted to attack the position in the draft, or once teams start to make their cuts.